Stop brushing your teeth with harmful chemicals

No intelligent person would deliberately clean his teeth with a pesticide, but it happens everyday because the public isn't aware of the ingredients in toothpaste and mouthwash. Triclosan was first registered in 1969 as a pesticide. For the last 20-plus years, Triclosan has been used in toothpaste, mouthwash, antibacterial soaps, liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners, household cleaning products, plastics, fabric and more.

Banned in many European countries, Triclosan is listed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a possible carcinogen. Dental Health magazine says studies show Triclosan upsets the endocrine system, generating bacteria so strong they resist antibiotics.

Triclosan was added to health and beauty products supposedly to kill harmful bacteria. Studies show it doesn't do that. There is no reason to add this dangerous chemical to the products people use everyday. The best thing to do until the FDA and EPA bans Triclosan is make your own cleaners for the mouth. Try the recipes below:


Mix these ingredients in any clean jar with a lid:

One cup baking soda, two tablespoons peppermint or spearmint oil and two tablespoons vodka or water. This will give teeth a natural clean and kill harmful bacteria.

One hundred-percent aloe vera gel mixed with a few drops of neem oil will fight plaque and nasty bacteria that grows inside the mouth.

Mix one cup of baking soda with enough drops of hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. The hydrogen peroxide will whiten teeth.

Mouth wash:

This is a concentrated mouth wash to be diluted with four tablespoons of water before use: one cup of vodka, two teaspoons of myrrh, one teaspoon of Echinacea and two teaspoons of peppermint oil. Myrrh fights infection, Echinacea fights bacteria and peppermint prevents plaque build-up while leaving a pleasant taste. Add one dropper full to the four tablespoons of water and shake to mix. Swish and spit out.

For teeth that are hurting from infection, and for sore gums, mix one-half cup vodka with 20 drops of clove oil and 10 drops of myrrh oil. Shake to mix before adding four tablespoons of water. Swish and spit.

It is especially important to limit the amount of Triclosan a child is exposed to, due to the disruption it does to the endocrine system. Substitute water for the vodka if concerned about the alcohol and children or an alcoholic in the family. Keep the paste and mouthwash in the refrigerator if using a water base.

How to Clean an Electric Toothbrush

After that, take the toothbrush out of the cleaning solution and place it under running tap water to rinse off the bleach from it. This is done to get rid of the toothpaste residues left behind in between the bristles. Soak the brush head into the prepared bleaching solution for half an hour to destroy the germs flourishing on it. Some feel its effect is as good as professional teeth cleaning conducted by dentists. Similarly, you can use hydrogen peroxide solution to sanitize an electric toothbrush.

The body or the handle of the toothbrush also requires thorough cleaning from time to time. Take a pinch of detergent on a damp washcloth and wipe the dirty areas of the handle with it. You must detach the head of the brush from its body before dipping it into the cleaning solution. Let national dental board it dry up before you place it back on the charger.

Even though electric toothbrushes are more expensive than regular ones, many people are using it to keep their gums and teeth healthy. However, do not dip the body of the toothbrush into bleaching solution as it can cause damage to its circuit. Besides, you should also opt for cleaning free dentist the toothbrush after you had a bout of cold as it is carrier of germs that flourish inside the mouth when you have a cold.

Regular washing of an electric toothbrush is a must from a hygienic dentistry history point of view. Now, put the handle under running warm water of the faucet to rinse off the toothpaste from its surface. Finally, rinse off with fresh tap water. Make sure that the concentration of the bleach in the solution is not too high, as it can cause damage to the bristles. It should be kept in a clean place in the bathroom so that airborne germs from the untidy bathroom do not use your toothbrush as their breeding ground.

Sanitizing an Electric Toothbrush


This cleaning procedure involves use of bleach and water. Usually, an electric toothbrush can be used for 3-6 months, which depends on the manufacturer's recommendations. Soon after brushing your teeth, hold the toothbrush, turned on under running warm water for about 10 seconds. Never store an electric toothbrush in a closed cabinet as it promotes growth of bacteria on the bristles. After that, wipe off the handle with a clean piece of cloth. This will ensure faster drying up of the brush head. It is highly beneficial for elderly people or those who are suffering from arthritis or muscle problems and cannot move a manual brush to reach out to the rear teeth.

Cleaning an Electric Toothbrush

A deep cleaning of the electric toothbrush is recommended at least once every month in order to disinfect the bristles. Those who have used an electric toothbrush feel that it is more effective as compared to manual toothbrushes. Once you are sure that the bleach has been washed off completely, place the wet toothbrush on a dry towel so Click the link that the excess water is soaked up. Another thing that has to be taken care of is that it is not kept along with too many brushes in the same cup or brush holder because it increases the chance of spreading germs from one brush to another. This way you can maintain the toothbrush in a good, usable condition for a long time. You may have to replace it before that if you find that the cleaning head of the toothbrush has worn dental dentistry down.. Before you clean up the handle of the brush, turn off the brush and detach its head from the handle. While cleaning the head of the brush, press and rub the bristles with your thumb. Prepare a solution by mixing one cap of bleach in a glass of water. While doing so, rub your fingers over the bristles to ensure that no trace of bleaching solution remains in them. After cleaning, the brush has to be stored properly. Then assemble the toothbrush and let it air dry by placing it into the cup in upright position. To clean up the dirt and debris accumulated inside the crevices of the toothbrush body, rub a regular toothbrush over these areas. Avoid using cold water as it cannot remove the toothpaste stuck on the bristles properly

Condo Insurance Cover Water Damage? Surrey Flood Restoration

Condominium insurance covers most water damage similar to home insurance. It covers water damage restoration for the damage damage restoration services traverse city caused by damage restoration services traverse city internal sources such as burst pipes, water leaks, and the like. For external sources such as floods you might get another type of insurance. However, you might be wondering if that would be covered under your strata insurance. In order to enlighten us, we will discuss the differences between condominium insurance and strata insurance. Afterwards, we damage restoration services traverse city will discuss how water damage can be covered by these two types of policies.

Strata insurance covers the building exterior and common property. Common property refers to the areas for the use of all the lot owners in the condominium, such as the stairwells, pathways, recreational facilities, and the like. Condominium insurance on the other hand, will cover your furniture and the upgrades that have been made on your condo since it was originally built. So what if water damages your walls, your carpets, and your floor? Which insurance covers what?

Water damage insurance coverage for this type of situation will depend on a number of factors. The first question you have to ask is: what was damaged? The second question is: is it your fault or not? The reason for you to ask these questions is because if it was damage clean up tc mi your fault, then the water damage restoration will be charged to your condominium insurance if you have any. If not, then strata will charge costs to you personally. If it is not your fault, then water damage restoration will be charged to your insurance and then they will collect from the strata afterwards. In either case, you must have condo insurance first before you can have strata cover the restoration.

So if water damaged your walls, carpets and subfloor, and you were not at fault, which insurance would cover what? For the broken pipe, walls and subfloor, the condominium insurance will cover the restoration cost. Afterwards, the strata company will have an obligation to your insurance company to pay them for the costs of the restoration. For the new carpet that was installed after the original construction of your home, your condominium insurance alone will cover it. If you are at fault however, everything is covered by your condominium insurance. If you don't have one, then the money will have to come out of your own pocket.

As you can see, having condominium insurance is better than just having strata insurance alone. Water damage restoration can be devastating to your property but having it insured gives you peace-of-mind that you are prepared come what may.

About the Author:

Copyright 2010 Masters Remediation Services. We provide emergency water damage restoration services to homes and businesses in Surrey and throughout Greater Vancouver. We take pride in providing top quality workmanship and exceeding expectations. 24-hrs: 604-838-8808

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Cynthia Rowley On Why It's Easier To Make It In Fashion Now

"Yes, You Can Make It In Fashion" is a HuffPost Style series that profiles men and women across every area of the fashion industry and explores how they rose to the top, how they thrive and practical advice they have for young people trying to break into their world.

She has written several books, appeared on "America's Next Top Model" and "Project Runway," collaborated with Target, Band-Aid and Roxy, launched a candy store and is the designer behind one of the most successful brands in the country -- and Cynthia Rowley is just getting started. The American fashion designer has been making clothes for almost four decades, which is no small feat in an industry that is always clamoring after the newest and shiniest thing.


While Rowley is a style veteran, she keeps reinventing herself season after season -- she recently launched an activewear line and teamed up with Zosia Mamet for an eyewear collection. Clearly the Illinois native knows something that we don't. To give us some insight into her prolific career, we sat down with the mother of two and picked her brain on all things fashion. Here's what we learned:

On how being an outsider has helped her in the fashion world:

I do think that being a little bit of an outsider creates a tension and keeps you always forging ahead and always on your toes. It's kept me from me falling into the expected steps that a fashion designer usually goes through. It's made me feel like I can take more risks, like I have nothing to lose.


On the most challenging part of being a designer:

The ideas are always the easy part. I joke at work that all we do everyday is talk people into making things for us and try to figure out how to get something made. One of the things that's really important here and part of the culture of the company is to be inventive and do something that's never been done before and try and influence something that hasn't been influenced before. With that comes all of the problems of how do you get that done? That's always the challenge and yet the greatest satisfaction. How do I get it made?

On what she looks for when she's hiring:

I think it's a mix of a singular vision and a collaborative spirit. I like to feel like I have an elite group. It's really hard to find the person that fits in. A lot of us have worked together for a really, really, really long time, like I don't even want to say how long, more than 15 years some of us. So when you create a group like that, to add newness, which we do, we're always looking for new people, it just becomes harder and harder to find the right fit. [We always look for] somebody who has a strong point of view, yet understands the aesthetic and the culture that we built. And then a curiosity, forward thinking. I want to be able to talk about art, I want to be able to talk about food, I want to be able to talk about a healthy lifestyle -- it's not just fashion, it's really an interest in many things and then how does it go through the filter of our brand.

On why it's easier for fashion designers to make it now as opposed to 20 years ago:

I think it's much easier now. So it used to be that you made a collection, you presented and then it had to go through all these filters. An editor had to write about it, it had to be a positive review, then the stores had to come see it, then they had to buy it, then they had to put it in their stores and someone had to come in the store and buy it, you know what I mean? [There were] so many more tiers of acceptance. Now, you can make a few pieces, put it out there in whatever way you want to and sell something. And if the end customer loves it, that's really all that matters. In the end that was all that ever mattered then and it's all that matters now. Do people like it? It was just harder to jump through all the hoops find state of michigan gear before. It's easy to get traction now, you see the new kid on the block and then you see Oscar [de la Renta], a legend and in between, that's the burn rate -- in between where you have to survive and build and keep building and have a strong business until you can get to that point. So it's wilderness in between, that's where the hard work comes in. I do think it's really easy to start and everyone loves something new, but then to sustain and get over that middle work, until you become more established, that's the hard part and I have to say don't give up.

On how she stays balanced:

I have no time to myself. I definitely don't. You know when those moms say, "What about me time?" -- there is no me time. I don't know, I don't feel exhausted, I don't feel tired. I love hanging out with kids and my husband -- I love traveling with them. We can go on the most epic journeys in like five days. I think it's important to incorporate everything into all parts of your life. I don't separate all the things -- during the day, I talk to my kids, they come and visit, on weekends we go crazy and do lots of activities. I'm just not good at relaxing.

On advice she would give to her daughter if she wanted to become a fashion designer:

Runnnnn. [laughs]

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

How to Use the Print Screen Key

'PrtScn' is a short form of 'Print Screen', and it's present as a key on the computer keyboard. It is used to take a screenshot that is saved in an image form. The following article provides valuable information regarding the usage of this key.

The print screen key is a seemingly dormant one, and it is rarely used. Different computer manufacturers have different methods of naming this key, but its location is pretty much constant in every keyboard. Its position is right after the function keys, and there are many people who think that pressing it directly commands the computer to take a printout of the current screen. This is not true, as its function is to take a screen snapshot, and to store it on your clipboard for further use. The clipboard is an invisible medium that comes into play, whenever we are transferring files or folders. Whenever we cut or copy something, the item is temporarily stored on the clipboard, before we actually paste it elsewhere.


Open the screen that you wish to copy.

Now, press the print screen key ('PrtScn'), and the mirror image of that screen will be stored on your desktop.

Open an image editing application like Microsoft Paint.

Paste the screenshot in this application either by pressing Control + V, or by going to the Edit menu and selecting Paste.

You can either enlarge this image, or you can even crop it, according to your requirement.

Save the file at a suitable location, and it is now ready for use. You can either view it and use it for some other purpose, or you can even send it to another person.

You can even use this method on laptops for a similar purpose. Various laptop brands have differing nomenclatures and positions for this key.

The image will be saved in the Bitmap (.bmp) format. You can also change the format to GIF. Do not use the JPEG format, as it makes the text appear as unclear and blurry. You can press ALT + PrtScn to copy a screenshot of a selected window on your monitor, instead of the entire screen itself. This means that you don't have to crop the picture in your image editing program.

Using Print Screen in Mac OS

An Apple Mac is very different from a machine using Windows XP or Windows Vista Operating System, and it doesn't consist of a print screen button. But, the method of taking a screenshot is slightly different from that of a Windows-based computer.

Method # 1

Open the screen that you wish to capture.

Press the 'Apple' key + Shift + 3.

Click on the window.

The image of your screenshot will be automatically saved on your desktop.

Method # 2

This is for capturing just a portion of your screen.

Open the screen and press the Apple key + Shift + 4.

The mouse cursor will change to a "+" sign. You can use it to drag and highlight the area that you want to capture.

After this, the screenshot image will be saved on your desktop.

Method # 3

This method is used to capture a screenshot of a particular application window.

Open the screen and press the Apple key + Shift + 4.

The mouse cursor will change to "+". Press Space bar once, and the cursor will further change to the shape of a camera.

Use it to click on the application window, which you wish to capture.

The corresponding image will be saved on your desktop.

Once you have figured it out, and mastered how to use the above mentioned methods in Windows and Mac, you can utilize this key for a number of purposes. It is indeed a very handy tool, and one that has been around ever since computers were invented.

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